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The May Ball Committee is a great way to get involved with the College in a really exciting and rewarding way, helping to craft a night that everyone will remember.

There are a huge variety of roles, as described below, each with a different skill set. You can state your interest in as many roles as you like, outlining any experience you may already have (although this is not necessary). Each Committee member is expected to be enthusiastic, organised, and work well in a team. There will be the opportunity to gain valuable skills in event planning, time management, budgeting on a large scale, and teamwork, to name a few.

The Committee will meet once weekly to discuss their progress: plans, ideas and arrangements for the night. They will also help transform Pembroke in the run-up to the event to fit the theme of the night. As a result, the Committee becomes a very tight-knit group, and we will be hosting numerous free socials as we go along.

Upon joining the Committee, you will receive a thorough handover from your predecessor, and the Presidents will be on hand to assist you throughout the year. If you have any concerns or queries, please get in touch with us at We will be interviewing candidates as we receive applications, and all applicants will be emailed their outcomes once interviews have finished. Apply by 11PM, Friday 12th October.


The Vice-President acts as a support to the Presidents, attending meetings where the Presidents can not and monitoring the progress of the other Committee members to ensure deadlines are met. They are also responsible for the welfare of the Committee members and helping to organise socials. This role will be an additional responsibility to another role and can not be applied to by itself.


The role of Secretary primarily involves liaising with the council to ensure the event is run safely and legally, as well as taking minutes for meetings. You will be responsive for the legal aspects of the ball, reviewing contracts that the Committee forms with external contractors and will take responsibility for making sure preparations are carried out on time.


The Treasurer has the vital task of handling and planning all financial transactions. With a six-figure budget, this role differs from what most other societies can offer. Applicants must have great organisational skills and an in-depth knowledge of the tax system. The Treasurer will work closely with the Presidents to plan a budget and allocate funds to various members of the Committee. They must regularly liaise with all Officers and be able to adapt quickly to constantly changing financial plans. They will also be involved in ticketing. On the night the Treasurer will ensure that acts and contractors have received correct payment and will assist generally with the running of the Ball.

Infrastructure Officer

The Infrastructure Officer will work closely with College and Committee to create a site plan that coheres to all of College’s demands and the council’s health and safety guidelines. They will have to source contractors for the audio-visual production of the Ball as well as marquees, carpets, bars, and more. With a large budget and reach spanning the entire event, this role is critical to the smooth operation of the night and demands great organisational skills.

Sponsorship Officer

This person will be responsible for finding and securing sponsorship for the Event/certain aspects of the Event and will have to maintain these relationships throughout the year to help alleviate some financial strain and help the budget stretch further. They will also work with the Presidents and Design Officer to create a sponsorship deck to be sent out early in the year. The Sponsorship role can be added onto another small role or made into a full role dependent on ideas from the applicant.

Environmental Officer

A new role for this year, this person will help to shape the role as we aim to make the ball sustainable in as many ways as possible. This will involve working with other May Week Committees to allow reuse of event components such as carpets as well as other Committee members in Pembroke to bring sustainability to all roles. Again, this role can be added to another small role or made into a full role.

Food Officer

The Food Officer is responsible for allocating the food budget and choosing the quantity and variety of food available at the Ball, mixing creativity and extravagance with practicality and budgetary limitations. Throughout the year this Officer will work with various catering companies to produce a fine selection of food, creating an effective food timetable for the night. On the evening, they will ensure that all food stands and caterers are well stocked and functioning properly. This Officer is also responsible for liaising with Pembroke catering staff for the launch of the theme, and the three-course meal served before the Ball begins to those with dining tickets.

Drinks Officer

The Drinks Officer allocates the drinks budget and organises the provision of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as specialist drink servers, cups, glasses and ice. From champagne to jägerbombs, this Officer is in complete creative and practical control of drink provision and service at the Ball. They will work closely throughout the year with drinks suppliers to ensure the drinks at the Ball cater to each and every taste.

Musical Entertainments Officer

The musical acts at a May Ball are often one of the most memorable components of the night. The Musical Entertainments Officer will select each act and orchestrate all-night lineups on several stages. With a substantial budget, this Officer will need to hold auditions and select a range of different music acts, from household names to student talent, as well as securing an established headline act. On the night of the Event, the Musical Entertainments Officer will organise sound checks before the Ball opens and ensure the smooth running of each stage. An interest in and appreciation for a wide variety of musical genres is essential for this role.

Non-Musical Entertainments (NME) Officer

The NME Officer is responsible for choosing the diverse number of non-musical attractions at the May Ball, which can range from fairground rides to massages to famous comedians. This Officer is largely responsible for keeping guests entertained throughout the night, and as such this is one of the most important roles on the Committee: well-selected non-musical ents can define the Event itself, and applicants should be able to contribute creative and exciting ideas to this role. As well as working closely with the Musical Entertainments Officer to audition local acts, the NME Officer will liaise with the Infrastructure Officer and College authorities regarding the logistics of the largest ents. On the night, the Officer will ensure that each of their ents runs as planned and will contribute to the general running of the evening.

Design Officer

The Design Officer’s primary task will be to design the logo, posters, flyers, tickets, event programmes, wristbands and aspects of the website in accordance with the theme. They should be competent graphic designers with an eye for detail and creative flair. A portfolio of previous work would be ideal as part of an application and a link to this should be provided in the application.

Marketing & Communications Officer

Another new role, this person would be responsible for ensuring all queries to the Committee are replied to as promptly as possible, by contacting the necessary member or self-sufficiently. This person will have to engage in all areas of the Ball to be aware and able to answer as many queries independently. They will also be in charge of the social media pages, often working with the Design Officer, to produce material to keep up the excitement for the event and aid in the fast selling of tickets. This role can be combined with another small role or made into its own.


The Webmaster will be responsible for making an exciting and innovative website to advertise the May Ball. This is an increasingly important responsibility as the website is the main source of information for ticket buyers and potential sponsors – this requires close liaison with the ticketing and design Officers to ensure that the website is well-branded, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. There is also an opportunity to design a mobile app for the night and any technological elements of the evening.

Ticketing Officer

This Officer will develop and operate an online ticketing system through which guests can reserve tickets. They will work closely with the Treasurer to ensure that the ticketing database is fully maintained. As guests enter the May Ball on the night, this Officer will be responsible for running the ticketing system and ensuring that queuing times are kept to an absolute minimum.

Staffing Officer (x2)

The Staffing Officers are in charge of recruiting student workers and a professional security firm, as well as managing the logistics of the Ball, such as parking for contractors, staff radios, and shift timetabling. They have a significant role on the night of the Ball, coordinating over one hundred workers and ensuring the smooth running of entrances and exits to the Ball. They must work closely with all members of the Committee to ensure that all areas have their staffing requirements fulfilled and that the site is secure on the night.

Decor Officer (x3)

The Décor Officers will be instrumental in creating a visually stunning appearance for the May Ball, paying particular attention to the implementation of the theme. They will have an important role during the launch and will take the lead in planning the court-by-court visuals of the event. They will be responsible for sourcing innovative and imaginative decor from a variety of sources. On the night, they will orchestrate the rapid transformation of the college and will assist with the general running of the evening.